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How To Choose "Forever" Furniture

When shopping for new furniture, ending up with sustainable furniture you can count on for years to come is important. Here's what to look for before making your final purchase.

Heft Check

For sofas, the cushions should have good padding and weight to it. The weight of the overall sofa in general is a good way to see if it's made out of durable and authentic material. the heftier it it, the more likely it will last against years of wear and tear.

Springs Check

For upholstered furniture, springs are key. The best way a cushion can be made is with an eight-way, hand-tied spring (how they're tied down and how close they should be together). It's an indicator of longevity and comfort.

Material Check

Authentic wood materials used in all construction is something you'll want (a patina finish is often a signal of authenticity). Shop for furniture that can be refreshed as they age (oak and silver), veneers can also be beautiful. Just make sure to examine the seams and corners for quality (like glue coming off).

Sturdiness Check

Woven furniture is very popular right now. Check the quality of the woven and rattan pieces by running your hands across the weave and seeing if it's loose or breaking apart. Choose pieces you love and feel good to be on. Just like clothing, you wouldn't want a material that feels scratchy or uncomfortable.


When shopping for furniture, like an heirloom-quality dresser, armoire, or credenza, open any drawers or doors. You can tell a drawer has been made well if the bottom piece floats in a groove versus being affixed tightly. You want it to be able to expand and contract with different temperatures.

Shopping for furniture can be exhausting, I can help! Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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