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How to Bring Life Into an All-White Kitchen

All-white kitchens have been very popular. White marble countertops, white cabinets, and a white subway tile backsplash. Sound familiar? All-white culinary spaces are shifting out of focus a bit in design, making room for color and contrast.

Here’s how to add some warmth and color back into your space without the hassle and cost of a full-blown renovation.

Switch up your lighting

Instead of focusing on the typical pendants and sconces, add an extra glow that’ll soften your space with a table lamp. It’s a way to instantly inject extra warmth while adding height and sculptural interest (keep it in a corner by a plug to hide the cord) Pair it with toe-kick lighting under the base cabinets for a luminous halo effect that looks beautiful at night.

Round it out with a rug

Using textiles like rugs in kitchens is an exciting way to add color, pattern, and texture to your all-white kitchen. There are options for every lifestyle and aesthetic.

Source- House & Home

How do you style kitchen rugs? When in doubt, place the rug by your sink to anchor your work triangle, which will also provide some softness underfoot as you prep, cook, and clean up.

Bring on the personality with your backsplash

Perk up your kitchen backsplash with a pigmented punch. Whether you opt for a solid shade or cool pattern, it’s possible to have an all-white kitchen that feels uniquely you.

If you’re living in a rental, you can still get this look with peel-and-stick wall decals. A bright coat of paint is also another alternative, particularly if you never had tile in this spot to begin with.

Have fun with your hardware

For a more subtle change, consider switching out your hardware. A cool set of knobs and pulls can completely transform your space; all you need to do is figure out the vibe you want to achieve.

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