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How Plants Can Make A Room Look Bigger

Plants are great decorations to have in a living space. Not only do they bring life to any room, but they can make a room look bigger. To achieve this, there are certain rules that have to be followed when adding plants indoors.

Tall Plants: If you have furniture that sits lower, tall plants are a great way to accent this. Adding a tall plant next to a low chair will create a sense of comfort. It will also draw your eyes up and down creating a sense of height in the room.

Guide the way: Put a plant at the end of a narrow hallway. This will help guide you through your space without it being too cluttered with bulky objects. If your hallway is shorter, place a medium size plant at the end, if your hallway is longer, try a bigger plant. Adding simple décor at the end of a hallway can create a lengthening effect throughout your home.

Source: PATCH

Color: If you have a room that is lacking some color, adding a plant will do the trick! Brighten up your living space with some greenery. This will give you just the pop you need!

Sneak Peek: A half-revealed plant from behind a table or couch will add a sense of depth to your living space.

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