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Home Gym Design Tips

Image by HGTV

If you're working from home, you may be working out from home too. You can make a functional and stunning gym in your own home, on a budget! Here are a few tips:

Set a Theme

Set a theme based on the workouts you like doing or do the most, this will determine the layout, style of the room, and keep you from excess spending.

Get the Layout Right

Converting a shed, attic, or basement into a home gym is a great idea, but getting the layout right is crucial for productivity and airflow. Your home gym should be near a window with AC if possible.

Image: Elite Xpressions

Focus on the Equipment

You really only need the basic set of equipment for exercising. This will keep your home gym nice and neat. Some basic ideas are:

  • jump rope

  • stability ball

  • light and medium dumbbell sets

  • resistance bands

  • a mat

  • treadmill or elliptical if you have the room and budget

Image: Flooring Inc.

Budget-friendly Flooring

Your floor will need to be hard, non-slip, and sturdy. Avoid hard to clean carpet and try:

  • Cork (eco-friendly)

  • Plywood (eco-friendly)

  • Rubber Rolls

  • Concrete

  • Vinyl

  • Laminate

Image: Southern Hospitality

Choose Uplifting Colors

Colors can energize or relax you. Pick a tone that uplifts you to increase motivation. Top hues for home gyms are green, yellow, red, and blue. However, don't go overboard with yellows and reds.

Pops of neon can give your gym a contemporary twist while pastels create a relaxing environment. It all depends on the style you're going for! Keep in mind that this area is part of your home and should generally match.

Tip: Jazz up your gym with an accent piece or two and some plants.

If you need help in creating the perfect home gym design, Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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