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Have You Really De-cluttered Everything?

Even if you are a natural de-clutterer, there’s one category of things you may have not tackled yet; your utility collections. These are frequently found in garages, storage units, sheds, and utility closets. These items may not weigh on you because you don’t see them often, and they can be hard to get rid of because you may feel like you might need them in the future. But it’s time to evaluate whether you want to use your valuable storage for potential future needs, or make space for the life you’re living right now.


Gardening and home repair tools take up space, they’re not the easiest to store, and we usually have more than we need. Gather your tools together and put back the ones that are functional and that you actually use. Donate or sell the rest.


Gardening Equipment

Gardening supplies can quickly take over any storage space. From fertilizers, to pest control products, to those extra plant pots, gardening collections can grow out of hand. So, categorize your items, offload duplicates, and only keep what you use.

Extra Paint

Paint doesn’t last forever. Unopened latex paint can last a decade, but opened cans don’t last much longer than a couple years. Pull out everything you have and consider what paint might actually be useful; label it and store it. Make sure to properly dispose of the rest according to your local toxic waste guidelines.

Décor You No Longer Use

There’s a reason it’s not in your living space. Generic but useful items like neutral baskets and containers can be kept if you have the space for them, but more stylistic pieces can be donated with little thought. If your taste has changed, it probably won’t revert back to something you used to like, so now’s your chance to say goodbye!

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