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Hanging Storage Hacks

For small space living, finding room for all of your essentials can be challenging. If you’re fresh out of closet space, try one of these hanging storage hacks!

Kitchen Pegboard

Try a pegboard storage board to clean out your messy utensil drawer; you can purchase a pegboard and hooks from any hardware store. Hang it in an easily accessible spot in the kitchen so you no longer have to go drawer diving to find kitchen tools.

Hanging Mug Art

Ae your cupboards cluttered with mugs? Try putting your favorites on display! This wall-mounted solution not only frees up kitchen space, but dresses up that dull kitchen wall.

Slatted Bed Base Storage

This DIY is made from an inexpensive wood bed base connected with fabric. It can easily fit into any space. Mount it on your wall with S-hooks to hang baskets and other items for storage. You can even use it for a vertical indoor garden.

Colorful Coat Knobs

Bulky items like coats, hats, and umbrellas take up a lot of closet space. This fun hack will transform any blank wall. You can create an interesting design with using coat knobs instead of aligning them. All it takes is a drill for installation or you can get peel and stick knobs.

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