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Hallway Décor Solutions

Are you looking to spice up your hallway? Make the right design choices to create a memorable first impression and open up a narrow or awkward space into something beautiful. Hallways tend to be at the bottom of our decorating priorities, but they can be the missing piece that your home needs to feel cohesive. Here are some ways that you can incorporate personalized and smart design choices into the hallways in your home. Let’s make the most of often neglected spaces.

Make a Statement With Hallway Runners

If your hallway has hardwood or tile flooring, consider adding a nice runner to create depth. The line leading down the hallway will expand the space and create a sense of gravitation. This is great for hallways that lead to family gathering spots or entryways. I recommend choosing a rug that is flat rather than shaggy to allow for some detail, but not too much.

Hallway decor interior lighting design

Choose The Right Lighting

Lighting is very important when it comes to a hallway. Making the wrong choice can lead to a hallway with too much light, or make a hallway dreary with too little light. If you feel like your hallway needs to take it up a notch, adding an extravagant chandelier can boost the look. If you want something simple, look for something that will provide enough light to show off all of the hard work you have put into your hallway space. If you have a long narrow hallway, ceiling lights are the best option to light up the space completely. If your hallway is wide and receiving light from another room in your home, wall sconces or ground lighting may be the best option. Research your options and be mindful of this step.

Add Reflective Details

Especially if you are working with a smaller hallway, adding reflective qualities can open up the space quite a bit. This could look like a larger mirror placed at the end of the hallway or a collection of mirrors placed in a gallery wall form. If you aren’t a fan of the mirror look, there are plenty of reflective décor options to choose from as well. Reflective objects not only do an impressive job of expanding space, but they can also create a high-end effect.

Reflective hallway interior design

Get Organized With Slim Storage Hacks

Organization in a hallway is key to keeping it clean and welcoming. Many clever storage hacks are great for always. A larger hallway tends to work great with a shoe rack and bench or an entryway table with décor on top of it. Larger hallways sometimes need the added furniture to feel homey. Smaller hallways can be a bit trickier. If you like the minimalistic look, maybe something like a coat rack is the only thing you need. If you have things that you need to store, go for a slim entryway table with storage options underneath to keep the look clean and practical.

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