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DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Do you love to experiment in the kitchen when it comes to Thanksgiving food? While many are opting out of the big family meal this year, don't let your imagination be stifled! Try one of these inexpensive DIY ideas. All you need is a bit of imagination, a can-do attitude, and possibly a small power tool or two!

Pops of Color

Indoors or outdoors, pumpkins are obviously the perfect decor for Thanksgiving. For a holiday pick-me up, paint large and miniature pumpkins in unexpected neon hues, pastels, or shimmery metallics. For minimalistic decor, use varying shades of white pumpkins.

Fruit & Vegetable Candle Holders

Forget the candelabra, this creative idea is sure to spark conversation! Use a drill to hollow out a space for a votive, taper, or tea light in your apples or mini pumpkins.

Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Hollow out a pumpkin to create the most fall-tastic ice bucket. It's a fun and festive way to keep your beverages cold.

Fall Mason Jars

Switch the flowers for autumnal arrangements. Bundle branches, crabapples, berries, rosemary, dried wheat stalks, baby’s breath, or eucalyptus stems. Lastly, spray paint the jars in different fall colors or wrap them in fun patterned fabric!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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