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Designing Spaces for Kids

Designing a child's bedroom or playroom can be summed up to one word: FUN! It's important to think long term when designing spaces for your children and how it will be used; the spaces should be functional and reflect their personality! Keep reading for tips on how to design spaces for kids.

Personalized Items Children get a sense of security, belonging, and self confidence when they feel connected to their surroundings; one way to do this is to have their name throughout their room. There are so many options from monogrammed pillow cases, to personalized art, wall decor, and more.

Storage Built-ins The more storage there is, the more places there are to put things that would otherwise be left lying all over the floor. Mudrooms with locker inspired cabinets are a great option to store backpacks, muddy shoes, and equipment.

In the bedroom, building shelves and cabinets in the bed or wall maximizes the space and allows for more play space. Built-in beds or bunk beds that incorporate play and storage are also a great space saver.

Whimsical Touches Start with a neutral pallet, then select colorful and whimsical pieces that spark creativity! Fun lighting goes a long way along with vibrant rugs, geometric accents, and comfy ottomans. These add playful touches while also being functional.

Your children's space should be functional, but remember, have fun with it! Need help creating the home of your dreams? Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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