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Decorating with Floating Kitchen Shelves

Floating kitchen shelves are a popular contemporary alternative to your everyday enclosed cabinets because they're cheap, add color, and break up the monotony of several cabinets in a row.

Keep reading to learn tips on how to decorate with floating shelves in your kitchen.

Keep It Neat Are you a neat person? Do you like your drinkware, plates, and bowls enough to display them? If so, then open shelving may be the option for you.

Floating shelves allow for more dust (and grease) to settle on the items. So whatever you decide to display, make sure it can be easily cleaned.

Avoid Plain Backgrounds

Don't settle for a white background! Adding color, patterns, textures, or tiles behind your floating shelves creates interest and hides any dust you may have missed.

Mix Functional and Decorative Items Organization is key, place the most-used items on the bottom shelves for convenience; but remember, not every piece has to be functional. Mixing functional items with things like cookbooks, canisters, and unique-finds adds character.

Lighting Floating shelves usually don't have lighting built-in; but it's always a great addition to a hollow shelf. You can also also add a pendant light above the top shelf or strategically place your shelf near an existing light source, such as a window.

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