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Declutter Your Closet in Under 30 Minutes

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Decluttering your closet doesn't have to take hours. Follow these quick tips, set your timer to 30 minutes, and before you know it your closet will be clean and organized. Can you get it done?

Pick a closet - your clothes closet, storage closet, bathroom closet, any closet! A little attention goes a long way.

First things first, grab a vacuum, trash bag, and basket. Then, head to your chosen closet with the supplies and set the timer app on your phone to 30 minutes and go!

The Plan

Straighten things up like stray hangers or random objects that were thrown in.

Then, vacuum the dirt and dust on the floor and other surfaces in the closet.

Finally, sort through your closet's contents and throw things you don't want, need, or use anymore in the basket set aside (donate what you can) - aim for about 5 things. If that was satisfying, and you still have a good amount of clutter, then do another 5 and another until the timer goes off.

If you feel that you left things unfinished, figure out how much longer it will take for your closet to be satisfactory and do it another day - because for today, you're done. You made progress in the closet!

If you have trouble keeping your closets organized at home, try doing a 30 minute tidy-up like this once a month. After all nobody likes to look at or sort through a cluttered closet.

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