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Décor Hacks You Have to Try!

Everyone loves a good hack! Today we will be going over 5 décor hacks that are too good not to try!

Hack #1: Shiplap your boring wall.

If you have a plain wall that needs a little oomph, try ship-lapping it. This is an easy, reversible DIY trend that is adding beautiful texture to homes and creating the depth we have all been looking for. You can also paint the shiplap whatever color you want, or keep it simple with a bright white paint and contrasting décor to accent.

Hack #2: Hide cords or your router in boxes/ baskets.

A bundled up pile of cords can be such an eyesore. Instead, get a basket or a box and put your router or cords inside to hide them. This hack will hide what we don’t wanna see, and bonus! You will get a cute basket in the process.

Source: West Elm

Hack #3: Add lighting over your paintings/under cabinets to brighten up a dark space.

If you have minimal lighting in your home, adding some sconces or ceiling lights above your wall art or décor will will make up for a lot of missing depth. Not only does this hack highlight the décor that you worked so hard on, it adds great contrast throughout your home for a more appealing and inviting tone.

Source: Pottery Barn

Hack #4: Hang your curtains to your ceiling to expand your room.

If you have a room(s) in your home that feel small, try hanging your curtains from the ceiling. This will make your room seem larger and make a large room seem even larger. This hack creates a high-end appearance and looks fabulous!

Hack #5: Small nook or kitchen? Add shelving!

Do you have a kitchen that doesn’t have enough space? Or a small nook that you just don’t know what to do with? When in doubt, add shelves! Extra shelving in your kitchen can act as cabinet space, allowing you more room for your dishes or appliances. Shelving in a small nook can make the space feel less awkward. If you need extra storage, you can pick up some woven baskets that will look cute on display while holding the items you want to store.

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