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Creative Letter Board Ideas

Letter boards are versatile, a great conversation piece, and can decorate any room of your home. Even if you have limited artistic ability, letter boards make decorating fun and easy! Check out these creative ideas below.

Holidays and Events Letter boards are the perfect decor for holidays and special events. Welcome guests with a fun holiday-themed quote for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, birthday parties and more. The possibilities are endless with their versatility!

Announcements Use a letter board for special announcements to friends and family. They are a favorite for pregnancy announcements, weddings, and family pictures.

Kitchen Menu Letter Boards are an attractive way to keep grocery lists, general reminders, and meal menus for the family!

Inspiring quotes Need some extra motivation or have a favorite quote? Put it on a letter board for inspiration every time you walk by. They're a trendy upgrade from a store-bought quote decor. Need help making your home decor more unique? Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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