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Creative Hallway Decorating Ideas

A hallway is not technically considered a room, but it should still receive the same attention as your living room or bedrooms when it comes to home decor. Follow our decorating tips to turn your empty corridors into warm and inviting transitional spaces!

Runner Rugs A runner is a rug that is 3 feet wide and comes in a variety of lengths; It's long and skinny, which is perfect for the hallway area. They are very handy for slippery floors and are perfect for adding a pop of color and design to an empty space.

Light Fixtures Instead of a regular light fixture, switch it up and choose something that really stands out! Lanterns, barn house pendants, or glass globes make a perfect alternative. If it works above a kitchen island or nook, it will work for a hallway.

Greenery and Plants Hallway greenery is always a must have. Adding plants to a hallway can be done in several ways. Air plants, a small tree, or placing on a shelf will really spruce up the space. Simple plants to care for are aloe vera, spider plants, snake plants, philodendron, parlor palm, and ficus trees.

Hallways are tricky spaces to design because of their limited space, but don't let that stop your imagination! Need help creating the home of your dreams? Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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