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Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Make your home your own with a gallery wall that reflects your taste, dreams, and memories. There are so many different layouts and styles, you can't get it wrong! Make your gallery wall pop with these design tips.


Soothe the soul with straight, clean lines. This creates a more formal look and works well with modern or traditional style.


Arrange the artwork so that the outline creates a square or rectangle, whether that's with the artwork itself or by adding a frame around the layout.

Top or Bottom Aligned

Aligning the tops of all the artwork naturally leads the eye, making sure every piece is viewed. Aligning the bottoms of all the artwork creates a place for the eyes to rest.

Horizontal or Vertical Split

a well-balanced horizontal or vertical split layout offers the most freedom if you want to build on the collection.

Corner Photo Wall

Have limited wall space? Arrange the layout onto an adjacent wall for a unique look.

The possibilities are endless! Need help creating the home of your dreams, call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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