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Common Interior Design Challenges

Unless you are building a brand new home from scratch, you will probably be able to relate to at least one of these dilemmas. These small hiccups don't have to put a stop to your home renovation plans. Here are some of the most common dilemmas in a home with ways to fix them.

Narrow space-

Do you have that awkward hallway or room that is so narrow that you don’t know what to do with it? One way to open up a narrow space is to add horizontal stripes. This can trick the eye, making your space feel wider. Designing a shiplap plank wall can create a striped effect, you could also paint a striped pattern or install a peel and stick wallpaper. Another way to ease the narrowness of a room is to go with an all white color palette. White will open up any space making it feel wider and allowing the eye plenty of room to look around. Try to avoid harsh patterns or rough textures that distract the eye.

Small room-

Small spaces don’t always have to be bad news. If you take the right steps in decorating a small space, it can feel cozy and purposeful in no time. One way to make a small room feel larger is with color. Pick either a bright neutral color such as white or gray, or go with a bright bold color with a gloss finish. Light colors will help to open up the space, and bold colors will cause people to gravitate towards the room and provide a luxurious feel. Have you ever been in a restaurant and realized that the large mirror on the back wall wasn't another dining room? Installing large mirrors will create the same effect in your home. The reflection of the mirror will create the illusion of more space.

Open plumbing-

Do you have a space that is finished except for the exposed plumbing? The easiest way to get past this design feature is to simply embrace the uniqueness. You can take advantage of these designs by painting them different colors. Making your open pipes stand out can add depth in your space. If you are totally against that idea, you can also consider painting them the same color as your ceiling. They will obviously still be there, but they won’t be as noticeable.

Unsightly views-

Is the view outside of your window the problem? Sometimes we can’t help what our neighbors choose to do with their yard, the buildings that surround your home, or maybe it's just blank unused space that has turned into weeds and choppy grass. One way you can solve this problem is by growing a natural screen. Talk to a professional groundskeeper in your area to decide what plants are best for your climate and situation. Another way to block off unpleasant views is to install a privacy fence or stone landscaping.

A plan that is too open-

An open floor plan is nice, until it becomes too much. There needs to be an equal amount of privacy, but not too much privacy to where it feels closed off. Let’s say you have an office and a living room that need to be divided. You can add large shelving from the ground up, a half wall or a divider. This will break up the space and make clear where the living room and office spaces start and end. If you want to divide up a space, but still open it up when you please, installing a sliding door, curtains, ceiling track or screens might be the best options for you. This way you can divide and open when you please.

Need help with your design dilemma? I would be happy to provide you with my expertise. Contact me today by Calling Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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