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Choosing the Right Wall Art

Choosing the right art for your home can be a stressful process . Let's ease that frustration so you can choose the perfect art for your home. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right art such as the way it looks, size, colors and material. We have a lot to cover, so no more waiting. Let's get started!

Choosing the right size:

You will want to start out by choosing the right size of art. Decide where you are wanting to hang your art and measure out a good size that compliments the size of the room/wall and the furniture that’s in the room. If you have large furniture, larger wall art will flow better. If you have smaller furniture, medium sized or small wall art would look best. Buying art that is too large or too small for a space can cause the space to clash, so this is an important step!

Choosing the right color:

Consider the color of your walls and already existing décor. The last thing that you want to do is fall in love with a piece that doesn't match well in your home. Just because you have red pillows on your couch doesn’t mean that the art you find has to be all red. It can be multiple colors with pops of red in it or it can be colors that look good with red. Just make sure you aren’t buying a bright orange painting for a room with green furniture and décor.

If you are choosing multiple pieces of art for a room, be sure that they compliment each other rather than compete with each other. Choosing the right colors and sizes will balance out a space while adding a personal touch.

Mock it up!

Before hanging your art, make sure that you hold it up where you are planning to hang it. This will help you visualize what it will look like and decide whether this is the right placement or not. If you really like something in the store but you're not completely sold on whether or not you should buy it yet, take a photo of it and print it on a sheet of paper. Hang up this paper where you would put the art and leave it up for a couple days to help you make your final decision.

Where do I find the art I like?

There are so many places that you can find art for your home. You can shop at your local home and goods store, thrift store, online or from local artists. If you are looking for something high-end that you can see in person, I would recommend going to a home goods store or an art exhibit. If you are looking for something unique and classic, a thrift store or local artist might be your best bet. If you are looking for something specific, there are an abundance of options online!

Hopefully these tips can come in handy when trying to find the perfect wall art for your home. If you need interior design services, I would be happy to help! We can work together to bring your dream home to life. You can contact me by Calling Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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