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Ceiling Color Do's and Don'ts

Choosing a paint color is difficult and is practically it's own science, and then you have the ceiling or "the fifth wall". Are there certain colors you should avoid? According to real estate agents across the country, there are:

Stay Away From Pastels

Pastel colors come across as indecisive. This includes primary and neon colors, they tend to cheapen the appearance of the home, even if it's on the walls.

Avoid Bold Tones

It's hard to achieve a well-designed room with bold colors on the ceiling. Once you put a primary color on the ceiling, it's hard to pair another color with it. Red in particular is a big no no, it can feel aggressive as opposed to something more subtle and calming.


Although white is the least controversial color to paint your ceiling, you can always go against the grain to make the space more interesting with some of these ideas:

Go Dark

Dark colors can make a room feel smaller, but it works if you're going for a more dramatic look. Consider trying it out in the bathroom to help the small space feel more intimate.


Adding wall paper to the ceiling creates a "wow factor". However, if you're trying to sell your home, avoid the wallpaper and the personality for your next home. If resale value is in your mind, try neutral or muted tones if white isn't your thing.

Finally, put thought into the shade you're using. Even the wrong shade of white can make a difference in the way the room looks and feels. For example, if there is too stark of a difference between the ceiling color and wall color, it can be distracting and unflattering.

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