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Carpet Tips When Selling Your Home

The finishes and materials in your home can make a huge difference when getting a higher ROI in the sale of your home. So, having soiled, stained, or matted carpet will not go far towards getting top dollar. Here are some quick tips on what carpet to choose when selling your home.

Benefits of Carpet

With hardwood floors being so trendy along with many other options, why choose to install new carpet instead?

  • Cost: carpet is typically much less expensive than hardwood or tile when you factor in the installation and other costs.

  • Floor Imperfections: if your floor is not completely level or your walls are not perfectly straight, carpet is far better at minimizing the appearance of such imperfections than is hardwood or tile.

  • Personal Preference: There are still many out there who prefer carpet to hard surfaces, and if you’re one of them, it’s likely that someone considering buying your home could be one of them too.

Best Types

Purchasing carpet for selling your home is different than purchasing carpet for yourself. You will probably be looking for a carpet that has a lower price tag but that still looks full and appealing. Consider:

  • Saxony

  • BCF fiber

  • Cut-and-loop style

  • Frieze


Color is a very personal choice. When staging your home, you want to use a color that will appeal to as many people as possible. Light-colored neutrals generally work best, as they help the space to feel larger (light beige, taupe, or warm gray tones; cool grays can feel uninviting). Tip: White can be off-putting to buyers as it's hard to clean.


You can use almost any type of carpet fiber, but you will likely find that polyester generally offers the best value while still giving a nice look.


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