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Best Rugs For Your Living Room

Rugs lay the foundation for a cohesive room. They work as a seamless focal point while still laying out the boundaries of the area. They are pretty important, which is why your rug decision should take some thought. First, we will have to figure out your priorities. Your choice of rug depends on if it’s going to be a high traffic area, low traffic and how you prioritize comfort for your living space.

For high traffic areas such as an entryway, playroom or kitchen you will want to look for something that is durable and that can be washed or deep cleaned. Synthetic materials, flatweaves and cotton rugs are great choices for wear and tear.

You may be wondering what should come first: furniture or rug? Honestly, either one can come first. Both of these furnishings act as anchors to a room. If you happen to buy a rug first, make sure it is proportional to the room and to the furniture you pick out and vice versa.

How about color? There are pros and cons to getting a solid color vs. a rug with patterns. If you prefer solid color rugs, it will be easy to match furniture and décor and it will create a soothing monochromatic feel. The con to this is that it will show more stains, so I recommend not putting this type of rug in a dining room or playroom. Multicolor patterned rugs make more of a statement. They are also great at hiding stains! One con to patterned rugs is that it’s hard to find a pattern to match with your area and it may be harder to find pieces to match with it. But once you do find options that match, it makes the search worth it!

TIP: If you do decide to invest in a rug, I recommend also investing in a rug pad. Although this is not the most glamorous item you will buy for your house, it pays off. Rug pads will keep your rugs from curling or slipping which prevents hazardous situations. If you are living with pets, young children or seniors, you should definitely look into getting a rug pad. They also expand the lifespan of your rug. Even though it sits underneath, it keeps your rug from moving which helps with the wear and tear. I recommend a rug pad especially in high traffic areas.

Hopefully these tips helped you get one step closer to finding the perfect rug for your home. Need professional interior design advice?  Call me today at (651) 468-6208 or email 

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