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Bedroom Decor Tips To You Help You Sleep

Who doesn't love tips on how to get better sleep at night? According to Jordan Monroe, co-founder of Owlet’s Dream Lab, a personalized online sleep training program designed for infants, many furnishings and strategies that help babies fall asleep can also be used by adults! Here are a few of his tips.

Blackout Shades

No matter your age, a dark room is crucial for proper sleep. To block out all light, Installing blackout shades is the best option. They can typically be mounted above the window rather than inside the window, ensuring no light will shine through.

Breathable Linens

The fabric of your bedding is more important that the color or pattern. find something that's soft and will allow you to sleep comfortably at night. Cotton is the go-to fabric as it's breathable, soft, easy to wash and comes in so many styles and colors.

Research has shown that people sleep better with weighted blankets. If you're looking for something that will look good at the end of your bed, try finding a handmade knitted weighted blanket. They tend to be the most breathable too!

Wall Color

Wall color doesn't have a direct correlation with sleep, but calming colors like blues, greens, taupes, and grays are ideal. The goal is to create a calming tranquil atmosphere. That being said, avoid neon and other energetic hues that will put your senses into overdrive.

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