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Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

If you're a little less traditional, the classic evergreen (or artificial) Christmas tree isn't your only option. Check out these awesome alternative ideas!

Ladder Tree Do you have a ladder hanging around? Dress it up with lights and ornaments to really make it shine. Put it in your living room for that perfect eclectic vibe.

Rainbow Tree Make a statement with one of the quirkiest tree trends to emerge this year as the central theme of your holiday decor.

Pallet Tree There are so many DIY pallet crafts out their, why not a Christmas tree? This simple craft adds a modern, yet rustic, charm to your home.

Photo Tree Showcase those near and dear to you with a tree full of memories! Add some ornaments and a tree topper for the finishing touches.

Wrapping Paper Tree Don't have any floor space? Try a wallpaper tree. It's great for small spaces or if you just don't want the mess. Customize it any way you like!

Will you be trying any of these this year?

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