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Air Plant Display Ideas

There are nearly 500 different types of air plants. They are one of the most popular indoor plants due to their range of exotic shapes, vibrant colors, durability, and low maintenance care. Their minimal root system and no soil needed means there is a great assortment of ways to display them!

Image: Etsy

Air plants have minimal to no roots, so display them in a glass planter or hang them

for a 360 view!

Image: Viral Inspirations

Sculptural Display

This unique sculptural plant holder makes the perfect table-topper!

Image: Amazon

Air Plant Frame

This multi-functional air plant frame is designed for light exposure and can also be used to hang other household items!

Image: Etsy

Wood Stump Wall Mount

This is a gorgeous solution for reviving a blank wall!

Image: Ballard Designs

Terrariums are a creative playground for air plants! Add pebbles, rocks, moss, seashells, or whatever else you want to make a personalized look.

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