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Add Character with Textured Walls

There are many different ways to transform a blank wall in your home, but have you ever thought about textured walls? Upgrading a flat wall with texture instantly adds character, personality, and can helps mask signs of wear and tear.

Image: Pinterest

Sanded Paint

A popular way to add texture to a wall is with sanded paint. These special paints are formulated with sand that adds a rough texture to the wall. You can also buy texture additive with ranging particle sizes to add to any paint you like. It's a good way to deal with walls that already have imperfections.

Image: Casa Vogue

Lime Wash

Lime wash paint is created from powdered limestone. It is a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly option that creates a chalky effect that gains visual appeal over time.

Image: Paint and Plasters

Plaster Treatments

This is more labor intensive and requires a trowel - a mental hand tool to add texture. A popular technique is a skipped technique that results in random strokes on the surface. Since plaster is very different than paint, it's best to leave this to a skilled professional.

Image: Mad About The House

Textured or Embossed Wallpaper

This can give your home a high-end feel and is usually made from materials like linen, grasscloth, wool, and silk. It instantly makes a room feel cozier, although the fabric can collect dust and requires vacuuming.

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