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5 Things Your "Adult" Bathroom Needs

Does your bathroom fall in the "adult-ish" category? Take it to the next level and achieve a bonafide adult bathroom with a 'Wow!" aesthetic from these small additions.


Nobody wants to sit on a toilet seat to put on socks or paint their toenails. Adding seating, such as an ottoman, is practical and gives your bathroom a luxurious touch. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, add a teak stool.

Great Lighting

Stay away from yellow and fluorescent lighting. Opt for high-quality bulbs containing all colors of the light spectrum which mimics natural lighting. Install the lights above the mirror and along the sides. You can find vertical LED lights at any hardware store.

Fluffy Towels

Switch your towels to white, ultra-plush thick towels. They make your bathroom feel luxurious and spa-like. Hang the towels on a rack and add some rolled up on your bathroom shelves.


Framed artwork adds interest to a bathroom and makes it feel like a continuation of your home. Avoid placing it above your toilet to prevent drawing attention.

Trays & Jars

Keep your everyday items neatly organized by using jars and trays to store cotton balls, makeup brushes, etc. Extend the organization into your shower by getting a rust-free shelf or hanging organizer for all your shower items.

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