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5-Step Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom can be just as beautiful, peaceful, and cozy as those glossy home decor magazines you read, and you can do it without spending a fortune too! Here are 5 easy steps:


Consider your bedroom with an objective eye. What do you love? What’s worth keeping? What’s better off being sold or donated? What belongs in a different room? Your bedroom should be a soothing retreat, so eliminate anything you don’t need or love.


Reconfigure your bedroom furnishings and consider these basic questions: does your furniture suit your tastes and needs? Is your bed large enough (or is it too big)? Does your bedroom “work”?

It all starts with your bed: a simple rule of thumb is to place your bed on the longest wall in the room, and then place your remaining pieces of furniture in the most complementary position around it.


Give your bedroom an entirely new look and feel by changing the wall color. When it comes to choosing the color, consider your personality and lifestyle. However, keep in mind that your bedroom’s ultimate purpose is to provide a relaxing retreat. Avoid bright and energizing colors as they tend to excite rather than relax.


Updating your bedding is one of the fastest ways for a refreshed look. Keep it simple, new white bedding instantly makes a room feel updated and clean. Layer in some accent pillows, shams, and an extra blanket or quilt to add a touch of coziness.


Your bedroom is the perfect place to show off photos, travel keepsakes, and other items unique to you. Make sure you have enough bedside lighting and a spot for a comfy chair! To save money, paint existing picture frames, repurpose an existing lamp shade, or thrift a chair from your local thrift store.

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