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2022 Trending Christmas Styles

Let's talk about Christmas Décor Trends for 2022. Hopefully one of these will inspire you to get creative while decorating your own home for such a wonderful time of the year!

Source: Grandinroad

Fairytale Magic

Create a fairytale of your own by incorporating bold pops of color paired with gold. The eclectic interior design look has been very popular lately. Opting for bold colors that will look good with your existing décor will make for a very cohesive holiday look. If you choose to go this route, look for interesting textures and patterns that will complete the overall look.

Source: Pottery Barn

Nature Inspired

Greenery is big right now. If you are all about the natural aesthetic, look for pinecones, greenery, tine tree branches, dried flowers and branched berry trees for décor options. For a nature inspired look, your color palette could look like greens paired with earthy brown and nude tones or it could look like whites and blues paired with silver for more of a mountain inspired look. Whichever way you go, it will definitely do the job incorporating pieces of the outdoors inside of your home.

Vintage Touch

Vintage is also big right now. This year we will be seeing a lot of light colored vintage furniture and holiday décor. Look for vintage wall art, worn furniture pieces or a tree with faux snow on it to complete your vintage themed look.

Source: Etsy

Minimal & Modern

If you want to keep things minimal, you’re in luck. The effortless modern and minimal look is everywhere right now. To get this mood, get a basic green tree and decorate it with white lights and simple ornaments. You can also get some simple stockings, a table runner and some solid black holiday décor to create the modern twist.

Source: Etsy

2022 Winter Color Trends:

Fairytale Magic- Bold Accent Color and Gold

Nature Inspired- Shades of green, white, gold, warm hues

Vintage Touch- White, Tans, Shades of Red, Blue

Minimal & Modern- Black, White, Solid Red or Black and Gold

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