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2022 Kitchen Trends

Whether you are remodeling or building your kitchen from the ground up, the latest trends will help you design a kitchen that is up-to-date and will last for years of enjoyment. From bold colors to more functional design ideas, there are plenty of options and choices to be made when designing a kitchen. Today, you will discover the latest kitchen trends of 2022.

Modern Country Vibes

The rustic, country inspired look has been popular over the last two years. In 2022, you will continue to see this as well as some personal touches added here and there. Because this farmhouse look has a modern twist, it allows people to add in their own creativity with the style. This year you will see a lot of exposed wooden beams, bright whites. Tiles backsplashes and corrugated metal. Because this look is inviting and tends to have a softer color palette, this will be a timeless trend that will live on for years. You can add you personal touches by experimenting with different materials, adding pops of color or creating a textured accent such as distressed brick.

Rounded Shapes

Rounded shapes are coming in strong in 2022. Their unique shape creates a fresh and elegant look. Softer forms will create a luxurious and sophisticated look. You can also use this trend in an ergonomic setting since they do feel more natural to use. Not only will curved shapes become popular in kitchen furniture, you can expand this look to your living room and bedroom. Rounded couches and beds are emerging into the design world as well.

Open Displayed Shelving

In 2022, you will continue to see open shelving. This trend emerged on social media and made its way into the interior design world. Floating shelves with hidden lighting will become popular as well as industrial shelving. While this trend lives on, it is important to keep in mind how you will decorate the selves. This is a purposeful trend, but matching dish sets and placement is key when mastering it.

Invisible Kitchen

The invisible kitchen is one of the top kitchen trends for 2022. This trend is practical while keeping an aesthetic appeal in mind which seems to be everyone’s rage this year. The invisible kitchen concept is a highly functional and hidden space. It's pretty much having a kitchen with hidden doors and nooks throughout the entirety of the space. Appliances are hidden, trash is hidden, pantries look like cabinets and so on.

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