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2022 Interior Design Trends

Are you wondering what the current trends are for 2022? Although I never recommend designing or decorating your entire house based on trends, it’s always fun to learn about new trends and try out the ones that spark your interest. This topic is to get your mind thinking about some new and creative ways that you can decorate your home. Your home should always reflect your style, but you might find that one of these trends is right up your alley!

Murals & Wallpaper:

Wallpaper and murals are present everywhere we look now! Some popular design choices are floral and nature-inspired textures. These bold designs are hard not to love. If you are someone who enjoys patterns and unique styles, this trend is definitely for you. Adding a

mural or fun wallpaper to your space can achieve a certain mood or catch the eye when entering a room. If you are trying to figure out how to spruce up a room, this is one way to do it!

Dark Accents:

In 2022, we are becoming less and less afraid of using dark colors in homes, apartments, and businesses. Something about dark colors creates a relaxing and sophisticated style. If you like contrast or prefer darker Source: Love vs. Design

themes, try this trend out.

There are great interior design themes that you can create with a dark color palette!

Source: Wallmur

Marble Surfaces:

This year is full of marble textures! This texture is on our countertops, end tables, flooring, showers, and fireplaces! Light marble with dark veining is increasing in demand. Something about the effortless, abstract pattern that marble brings into a space creates a calm mood and a high-end look. If you are trying to find ways to renovate your home for a high-end appeal, give marble a shot!


Using eclecticism doesn’t necessarily have to be throughout your entire home. This trend is just pointing out all of the bright colors, textures, and bold patterns that are being used in 2022. Colorful furniture, accent walls, and bright décor are great ways to take advantage of this trend. There's also an increase in patterned furniture, walls, and flooring. If you want your space to stand out and look personalized, this trend is the perfect way to go!

Source: Wayfair

Traditional Interior Design:

You can expect to see the classic details that traditional interior design brings to the table. Dark woods, light fixtures with shades, repurposed furniture, and vintage pieces are great examples of this trend. If you decide on a traditional style in your home, this theme typically plays out throughout your living space.

Need help bringing trends to life or deciding what your next interior design project should be? I would be happy to help turn your dreams into reality! Contact me today by Calling Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or emailing

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