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2021 Popular Plant Trends

The new year brings new plant trends, and according to Bloomscape, these are the three major types of plants that will be big this year.

  • Ficus Altissima

  • Textured

  • Patterned Foliage like Anthurium Hookeri, and Edible Gardens.

Fiddle-leafs figs were popular last year, but the Ficus Altissima will be the popular alternative when it comes to statement plants this year. This plant makes a big statement without the complex care that comes with fiddle-leaf figs.

Plants with textured and patterned foliage will continue to bloom amongst plant lovers. Including:

  • Anthurium Hookeri,

  • Anthurium Crystallinum

Also, Alocasias varieties such as:

  • Black Velvet

  • Polly

  • Regal Shield

  • Frydek

While these plants aren’t the easiest to come by, they’re very much coveted.

Edible gardens will continue to thrive this year as people continue to stay home. Herb gardens have had a major moment in quarantine, as a lot of us hone in on our cooking skills.

Which plant trends will you be incorporating into your homes this year?

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