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Kirstin Adolfson Interior Designer and Owner at Adolfson Interior Design

Kirstin Adolfson

Interior Designer & Owner

Kirstin Adolfson graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science Degree. She spent the next 15 years working in marketing and communications. Even though she loved what she was doing, Kirstin didn't feel like she was following her true passion. Once her son was old enough, Kirstin went back to school for Interior Design and received an Associates in Applied Science Degree from an accredited school.  

Kirstin absolutely loves what she does. She has said that there isn't a better feeling than creating a home for a client that truly exemplifies who they are as a person and as a family. A home is where all the important things in life happen! It’s where you raise your kids, celebrate, take comfort, and create memories.

Kirstin's home has always been her own creative canvas. Because she hasn't had an endless budget, She's learned how to make beautiful spaces without spending tons of money. 

Let me help you bring out your style and create a home that is everything you've always dreamed it could be.

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