3d renderings



Sometimes it's hard to visualize what your space will look like from just a floor plan or elevation. Adolfson Interior Design has the ability to bring a floor plan from AutoCAD into Sketchup or 2020 Design and show you how everything will look...to scale! We can show you how structural changes will look. We can show you how a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation will layout. We can show you how furniture placement will look. We can even show you how wallpaper, fabrics and art will look! Kirstin even used it to decide whether or not to buy a house, based on what could be renovated. The possibilities are endless.

This is what separates an interior designer from an "accredited" school from a "decorator." Decorators can pick out the pretty stuff. An accredited designer can do that, as well as produce floor plans, elevations and 3D modeling. Once again, if a space isn't functioning properly, it doesn't matter how beautiful it is!

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